Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harley Davidson Bag

In my last post I posted pictures of a bag I had made from a old t-shirt. I have made another for a friend. Thought I would share it with you too. She wanted something to use on the bike to keep some necessities in like a brush, cell phone, money, stuff like that.

                                From this

                                             To this

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recycled concert t-shirt into Kindle carry case.

                                            I've recently been trying to come up with a carrying case for my Kindle Fire. I wanted something big enough to  carry the cord and, ear phones I use with it, but I didn't want it to be too big. I wanted the opening wide enough so that I could get the kindle in and out easily enough with or with out the case on it. So here is what I came up with.  I decided to go with two of my favorite things. Jason Aldean and the color purple! I had a t-shirt from a concert I had went to a couple years ago. I actually had ruined the shirt by spilling something all over it that wouldn't come out. But I didn't  throw it away. I knew I would come up with something to make out of it eventually. The original plan was to make a purse out of it but, hey this works to. I just cut out the best part of the shirt (front and back) and went with that. I used some fabric that I had it my stash . I wanted the bag itself to be stiff but still flexible. So I used felt for the interfacing instead of Peltex. Its completely machine washable. Just the right size for all my stuff to fit in it with a little room to spare. I love how it turned out.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Plastic Bottle Cap Pin cushion

                                                            Hello, Hello, Hello
It has been a while since I have posted anything. The days have been flying by lately, and it seems like I haven't had time to do anything but go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to sleep, and back to work. Today is Memorial Day. In honor of all the soldiers that fight for us to live in a free country...Thank you for all you do. Past, future, and present!
 I thought I would share some small pin cushions I made out of a plastic bottle cap. I didn't come up with the idea of my own, I seen it on Pinterest. 
    Here is what I have come up with. Mine are not completely done yet...I need to finish the had stitching. I'm not the best at it that's why I think I'm slacking on doing it. But these are super easy to make, a great way to use up some of those small pieces of scrap felt that you have. Also they would make great gifts to throw into a small travel sewing kit for yourself or someone else.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy day weekend

                                                        Happy Sunday!
Well its been a wet and rainy all weekend here in Illinois. But today is Sunday and the sun is shinning and the rain has stopped. Its going to be a beautiful day.

The rain got me a little motivated and I finished  up a few projects I was working on. One of them is I made another dog pouch for a friend of mine. She has several little Chihuahuas and the love, love, love my little dog pouches I make. I'm sure they would be great if they were made with fleece too. But I really am trying to use up what I have at home before I buy anymore fabrics. I'm pretty limited on space at the moment. So I made this one out of some left over cotton fabric I had and some scrap batting.

A few weeks ago I seen a picture on Pinterest of a mini hexagon pin cushion.It was so cute I wanted to make one like it. Here is the photo of the one I seen on pinterest (I'm not sure who pinned it first I think it came from someone on flicker) and then here is a photo of mine. Mines not perfect it that's ok. 
This is the one from Pinterest that inspired me to make my own

Here is my little creation.
I actually thought about going out and buying a mini hexagon pattern at the craft store, then I realized there was no need to spend money on it. So here is what I did. I searched a mini hex pattern online and tried to print it off but for some reason none would print off for me. So I traced it off my monitor screen onto a piece of paper. Then I cut it out and traced it onto the lid of a plastic container (like one to a old cool whip tub or a butter container lid) And I cut them out (turns out I really only needed one hexagon, I just used it over and over and over.)  I cut out a small circle in the middle of the hexagon so that when I stitched the fabric around it I would have a way to pop it out.(using a chop stick)  I know that there is another way you can stitch hexagons using wax paper, but I'm not too familiar with it so I just went with what I know.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

                                       Chip Clips
That's what I call them anyway.Yes they are just clothes pins, but they  do the trick. I've added a little touch of my own to them. So that they aren't just plain and blah. I always have these around in my kitchen. Cute and useful.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

          Dress Form Pin Cushion
 If you like to sew as much as I do then you may need to make one of these dress from pin cushions. I originally seen the picture of it on Pinterest and I knew I had to make it!! Its so adorable I plan to make quite a few more. The DIY Dish has a tutorial on how to make it. Its really easy to follow along. Here is the like to the tutorial video I didn't use a Christmas ornament on the top, instead I used what I had and that was a small round wooded cap that goes on a doll rod. And for the candle stick I stopped by the Goodwill and looked for some there. Turns out that was a great idea because they are only a dollar a piece. I think I got five of them. So its cheaper than buying new and its also recycling also. It wasn't as had as I thought to stitch it all together. The tips they give you on the video really did help while making it. I even added one of the frayed fabric flowers, with a button and I hot glued a gem in the middle of it.  Here are some photos of the one I made I will post more when I get the others finished.



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coin Purses

                                   I love these little coin purses. They are pretty easy to make. I bought a bunch of mixed sizes and colors of zippers on ebay and amazon. Just to have around for when I want to make one of these. They are just the perfect size for some coins, bill and credit cards. And its a great way to use up some scraps. Here are the ones I made this week. I do sell these for $5.00 each if anyone wants one.

Knitted Ruffle Scarf

These are what I have been working on lately. My daughter decided to model them for me. If I could keep them around once I get them finished I plan to take some better pictures of them. But they sell so quick they aren't around too long. I do sell these if anyone is interested in buying one. I sell them for $15.00 each plus shipping. But if your a knitter and want to give it a shot. This is the video I used to get me started . I tried to read the pattern on the back of the label, but there was no way I was getting it. So if you like me and need to see it done to do it. Check out the tutorial. They look like they are a lot harder to make than what they actually are. They are dressy and casual. They come in a ton of colors, and they are soft not stiff and itchy.

Out of them all this blue one is my favorite one so far. Its so pretty.

These are next to be knitted

This is a new yarn I'm going to try....Some say its a real pain to use, that's why I only got one. It stretchy and not as wide as the sashay yarn.

Monday, April 22, 2013

 Knitted Dish Cloth
Rating: easy

Materials: Sugar 'N Cream yarn, Size 6, 7,or 8 (US) knitting needles

Instructions: Start with a slip knot on your needle then cast on three more. (which will give you 4 on your needle)

Row 1: knit the  4

Row 2: knit 4 again

Row 3: Knit 2 yarn over, knit across the row

Repeat Row 3 until you have 44 stitches on the needle
(Now you have added all these stitches to your needle you want to start to decrease them)

Row4: Knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit to the end of the row.

Repeat Row 4 until you have 10 stitches on the needle

Knit two together until you are left with one loop on your needle, tie a knot threw the last loop left. (I always tie a couple knots just to be sure it doesn't come untied)
I also do this with the string from the beginning of the dishrag. 
Some people just bind off the end of the dish rag, or do a round of single crochet and make a little loop of chain stitches in one corner so you can hand the cloth to dry when your finished using it.
A friend of mine at work shared this pattern with me, so I wanted to pass it on and share it with others. I love these cloths. If you have never used one believe me when I say you should you will love them to. You will stay busy knitting them for all your friends and family. 
Below are some pictures of finished cloth, one in the process of being made and a few of the yarns you use to make them. You can find the yarns just about anywhere, I am also adding  a picture of a larger skein that I found at Walmart for around $8.00. Which if you ask me is the way to go you get more for your money. If you have any questions about making them, feel free to ask.

This skein was a lot bigger when I purchased it, I have knitted about 7 dish cloths off this already...and you can see I still have a lot of yarn left.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


 I am always up to watch tutorials, if its on youtube or someones blog page whatever it may be. I am the kind of person who can do something faster by watching someone do it first or with me. To just sit down and read some directions or a pattern takes me a little bit longer. So today I wanted to share a couple places that I like to find some good tutorials.
First of all is foodwishes. There are some delish recipes on there. As a matter of fact this is what I just made for dinner tonight.(minus the ham and add bacon) Its a cold, damp day. It sounded good and turned out perfect. You should stop by and check out some of the recipes. Second I wanted to tell you about  Crafty Gemini.  I stop by her page often and shes got lots of tutorials or videos showing you how to make and create different stuff. This is one of my favorites...These are so handy.  Here are some pictures of a few that I made. These are so handy. I even made a few for gifts.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dog Pouch

This is a reversible snuggle pouch for a dog. If you have a Dachshund, or a Chihuahua, or any kind of a dog that likes and needs to burrow in something to sleep. You may need one of these. I made one for my Dachshund and he loves it. This one is made from corduroy and cotton fabric its got quilt batting in between the layers.

Today I've been working on some rice heat therapy bags. I made these for a friend of mine. She enjoys riding her Harley so I figured this fabric was perfect for her. I made two. One is for the freezer and the other is to pop in the microwave for two minutes for aches and pains. I filled the bags with long grain rice, and even added some lemon herbal tea for a nice smell when used. The outside bag is completely machine washable and has Velcro to keep it shut. I love these bags they are so handy.