Thursday, April 11, 2013


 I am always up to watch tutorials, if its on youtube or someones blog page whatever it may be. I am the kind of person who can do something faster by watching someone do it first or with me. To just sit down and read some directions or a pattern takes me a little bit longer. So today I wanted to share a couple places that I like to find some good tutorials.
First of all is foodwishes. There are some delish recipes on there. As a matter of fact this is what I just made for dinner tonight.(minus the ham and add bacon) Its a cold, damp day. It sounded good and turned out perfect. You should stop by and check out some of the recipes. Second I wanted to tell you about  Crafty Gemini.  I stop by her page often and shes got lots of tutorials or videos showing you how to make and create different stuff. This is one of my favorites...These are so handy.  Here are some pictures of a few that I made. These are so handy. I even made a few for gifts.

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