Wednesday, May 1, 2013

          Dress Form Pin Cushion
 If you like to sew as much as I do then you may need to make one of these dress from pin cushions. I originally seen the picture of it on Pinterest and I knew I had to make it!! Its so adorable I plan to make quite a few more. The DIY Dish has a tutorial on how to make it. Its really easy to follow along. Here is the like to the tutorial video I didn't use a Christmas ornament on the top, instead I used what I had and that was a small round wooded cap that goes on a doll rod. And for the candle stick I stopped by the Goodwill and looked for some there. Turns out that was a great idea because they are only a dollar a piece. I think I got five of them. So its cheaper than buying new and its also recycling also. It wasn't as had as I thought to stitch it all together. The tips they give you on the video really did help while making it. I even added one of the frayed fabric flowers, with a button and I hot glued a gem in the middle of it.  Here are some photos of the one I made I will post more when I get the others finished.




  1. I love this idea. I made two of these a few months ago. They are so adorable and I use mine often!

  2. visiting from sew darn crafty. This is just the accessory every sewer needs!

  3. love these. i made one for my mom for christmas - make lovely gifts!!