Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy day weekend

                                                        Happy Sunday!
Well its been a wet and rainy all weekend here in Illinois. But today is Sunday and the sun is shinning and the rain has stopped. Its going to be a beautiful day.

The rain got me a little motivated and I finished  up a few projects I was working on. One of them is I made another dog pouch for a friend of mine. She has several little Chihuahuas and the love, love, love my little dog pouches I make. I'm sure they would be great if they were made with fleece too. But I really am trying to use up what I have at home before I buy anymore fabrics. I'm pretty limited on space at the moment. So I made this one out of some left over cotton fabric I had and some scrap batting.

A few weeks ago I seen a picture on Pinterest of a mini hexagon pin cushion.It was so cute I wanted to make one like it. Here is the photo of the one I seen on pinterest (I'm not sure who pinned it first I think it came from someone on flicker) and then here is a photo of mine. Mines not perfect it that's ok. 
This is the one from Pinterest that inspired me to make my own

Here is my little creation.
I actually thought about going out and buying a mini hexagon pattern at the craft store, then I realized there was no need to spend money on it. So here is what I did. I searched a mini hex pattern online and tried to print it off but for some reason none would print off for me. So I traced it off my monitor screen onto a piece of paper. Then I cut it out and traced it onto the lid of a plastic container (like one to a old cool whip tub or a butter container lid) And I cut them out (turns out I really only needed one hexagon, I just used it over and over and over.)  I cut out a small circle in the middle of the hexagon so that when I stitched the fabric around it I would have a way to pop it out.(using a chop stick)  I know that there is another way you can stitch hexagons using wax paper, but I'm not too familiar with it so I just went with what I know.

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